BIP IN Inert Powder Round

S-1100 IN

Non-toxic inert powder for training purposes

BIP IN Inert Powder Round

BIP Inert Powder Round Features

  • Disperses an inert powder upon impact
  • Propelled by smokeless powder and has a 1.59 ounce (45g) projectile consisting of a plastic body and a collapsible, expandable gel head
  • Exhibits a velocity of 295 ± 10 feet per second at 5ft, when fired from a 40mm launcher
  • Capable of maintaining a five-shot grouping within an extreme spread of 2 inches at an effective range of 100ft
  • Training is an important part of the effective use of the BIP
  • Any individual with the authority to use less-lethal force should receive proper training in the use of SDI products

BIP IN Spec Sheet
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