BIP: Blunt Impact Projectile

The most effective foam & rubber bullet alternative

BIP Performance Characteristics

  • The Blunt Impact Projectile (BIP) less-lethal ammunition round exploits patented technologies and the most advanced engineering solutions available on the market today. It is highly effective in a variety of enforcement situations. A feature of the BIP shell casing is its compatibility with standard military grade 40mm riot gun.
  • The BIP was designed to provide an alternative to the already existent less-lethal blunt impact solutions such as foam, sponge, batons, rubber balls, bean bags and rubber bullets currently in the market.
  • SDI’s Blunt Impact Technology enables the projectile to engage the target with higher kinetic energy while meeting recognized safety standards, i.e. ballistic gel, clay, force plates, blunt trauma torso rigs, and human effects testing. The BIP’s muzzle velocity is 88 m/sec (285 ft/sec).

BIP Upon Impact

  • The BIP provides a higher level of efficacy and greater freedom of movement than previously available to law enforcement, military agencies, correctional services, and private sector security.
  • The expansion of the head (mushrooming effect) enables kinetic force to be applied to an increased body impact area. The impact covers a large surface area of nerve endings, creating increased pain while dispersing the inertia. This achieves successful pain compliance, while making it safe for the subject.
  • The BIP head and body disfigure after impact, making it difficult for rioters to throw the round back at the firing officer.

BIP Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Weight 50.3 grams 1.77 oz
Velocity 88 m/sec 285 ft/sec
Max Range 80 meters 262 feet
Min Range 2 meters 6.6 feet