BIP OC Chemical Irritant


Deliver OC chemical irritant to a targeted area
while eliminating risk to bystanders

oc pepper spray

Who should use the BIP OC Chemical Irritant Round?

  • Riot Teams
  • Law Enforcement

The BIP OC Round is best used when focused on specific targets

  • Target an individual or a small group within a localized area, eliminating the risk of inflicting debilitating discomfort to bystanders

What makes the BIP OC Round different than competing products?

  • The BIP OC allows for a surgical application of powdered chemical irritant at a safe distance

BIP OC Round Features

  • Delivers the OC payload to a localized geographical area
  • Produces an inflammatory effect which causes the eyes to close, while disturbing the vision of the target
  • Designed to be fired from 40mm launchers
  • Collapsible gel head mushrooms upon impact to absorb kinetic energy
  • Impact is spread over a larger surface area for maximum pain compliance, while causing less injury
  • Operational short-range distance of 2 meters, to an effective long range of 80 meters
  • Optimum long / short ranges allow for one SDI round to be used vs. two rounds from competitors

BIP OC Spec Sheet
BIP Overview