Trade Shows

Where we will be in 2017

We will be represented at the following trade shows:

Date Event City/State Website
Mar 21–22, 2017 ILEETA Training Conference & Expo St. Louis, MO ILEETA Training Conference & Expo
Apr 11–13, 2017 Border Security Expo San Antonio, TX Border Security Expo
Apr 18–20, 2017 Oregon Tactical Officers (OTOA) Warrenton, OR Oregon Tactical Officers (OTOA)
Apr 25–26, 2017 JIP (Joint Integration Program) Creech Air Force Base, NV
Apr 25–26, 2017 NYTOA Verona, NY NYTOA
May 2–3, 2017 Mock Prison Riot Moundsville, WV Mock Prison Riot
May 17–18, 2017 OTAB Collingwood, ON OTAB
Jun 6, 2017 OTOA (Ohio Tactical) Sandusky, OH OTOA (Ohio Tactical)
Aug 2017 National Guard Baltimore, MD
Sep 2017 SW Florida SWAT Naples, FL SW Florida SWAT
Sep 24–29, 2017 NTAO Phoenix, AZ
Oct 10–13, 2017 ITOA Illinois
Oct 2017 Alabama Tactical OA Shelby County, AL
Nov 15–17, 2017 SWAT Round Up Orlando, FL SWAT Round Up
Dec 4–5, 2017 CATO San Diego, CA CATO
May 8–10, 2018 SOFEX Jordan SOFEX